Beyond words

When eyes and souls connect


on May 24, 2013


Khushi sat in her bridal bed resplendent in red. Her coy smile reached her eyes as she looked up to see her husband close the door behind him as he entered. The past few weeks had been the happiest in her life. She had been married to her Rajkumar who literally swept her feet by his proposal and later by his participation in all the traditions with an involvement that put his Di to shame.

Arnav looked at his bride. She looked beautiful and fresh waiting for him. She was his finally. He felt content and satisfied. The past couple of weeks had been the happiest in his life. Seeing the joy on his Khushi’s face as he gave in and surrendered to the happiness that pervaded his life. The rituals had been fun. Even more fun was sneaking his fiancee away for quick moments of privacy. He enjoyed teasing her, watching her color rise and give in to his love.

His soul finally had found its mooring point. In hers. Together they would weather the storms of their life. He had finally found the one person who could wordlessly wipe out the deepest fears of his heart. There was just one thing left.

He walked across the room and reached out for a small box. He sat next to his wife and turned her face to his. He put the box by his side and cupped her face with his hands. Kissing her forehead he said,

“Khushi, I have something for you.”

He extended the box.

Khushi reached for it with trepidation. He had already showered too many gifts on her. She felt overwhelmed. The box looked like a heirloom. Her fingers trembled as they opened it. Inside were two beautiful gold kangans and a little note. She looked at Arnav’s face. His eyes looked far away like he was remembering something.

She touched the kangans reverentially and opened the note.

“To the girl who will be my Chottey’s bride,

I know I will be putting these kangans on you, but I want to let you in on a secret that is why this letter. Keep this in mind and be careful, my Chotey has anger permanently on his nose, but his heart filled with love… lots of love. Bear his anger, and return his love with interest… “

She couldn’t finish reading the note as tears welled up in her eyes. She put it down and reached for her husband. They held each other for a long time. Arnav finally moved away and reached for the kangans and took Khushi’s hand in his. He slipped them on her slender wrists with love.

“They are finally where the belong” he sighed.

“Amma will be very happy.”

Khushi felt a deep sense of belonging and peace. The two of them looked out the window in time to see a shooting star flash past the night sky.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End.


24 responses to “Epilogue

  1. UL says:

    Lovely – applause 🙂

  2. UL says:

    I think I commented – but here I go again – it was lovely:)

  3. sanaayman11 says:

    read through all the parts…
    story is fantastic *claps*
    no over the point..keeping in consideration of each character s emotions..beautifully written 🙂

    • EnKay says:

      Thank you!! Appreciate you leaving a comment. The FF was my idea of how things should have happened in IPKKND. 🙂

  4. sankadevi_lg says:

    I enjoyed the story throughout… thanQ for this awesome story…

  5. avni says:

    Smashing story ever…..I literally had butterflies reading this ff…..u made a Kash n pay all character so much better. ….n an jai Aman n Anya. ….so cute…..wish there was a face to Aman u visualized. I read it I one go n lived every bit of the ff.

    Will look u up for more of u r work. Hope u continue writing.


  6. Just came across this amazing FF! I have read it in one go and love every single word… Thanks, Chanya

  7. 26minalshah says:

    Awesome.. Superbh..

  8. devishree says:

    very beautiful
    i loved the plot
    u rock superb and fantastic writing
    awesome arhi ff

  9. Fresh and different perspective to ipkknd storyline!! Very well written

  10. MIT says:

    Such a wonderful Awesome Story…. Love it…

  11. Lovely story enjoyed reading it 😁

  12. Hansa says:

    I keep reading this story again and again. I love it. I hope you get to see this comment.

  13. Hetal Dave says:

    A very sensible take of the show IPKKND,
    Fortunately I found out this master piece yesterday only….and I loved it so much.
    Will reread it in near future.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful story.

  14. nashnini says:

    Such a beautiful FF . Loved your take on the story…. Sweet n simple .

  15. nashnini says:

    Posted a comment on this beautiful story..
    Wonder why its not reflecting ..

    Loved this FF n your take on the story.

    Sweet n simple

  16. fijiankudi says:

    Great end to a great story. You gave a fresh and realistic breath to this story. I loved that it ended with their mom’s blessings.

  17. Love your story can’t count the number of times I’ve read it

  18. CHUNNU99 says:


  19. Mimima says:

    This is the third time I m reàding your story, simply mind blowing

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