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Chapter 10: Springing the trap

on May 13, 2013

His Jijaji’s life lay before him.

Compulsive liar. Womanizer.

Family history or rather the lack of it, bank statements, cell phone records, credit history, statements from colleagues, dates he was at court. He looked over the cell phone records not believing what he was seeing. Khushi’s number. How many times that slime ball had called Khushi. Khushi. Her name died on his lips.

Arnav’s head swam. How he wished he had done this before. Before his Di got married. So much could have been prevented.

He clenched and unclenched his fists feeling a rage building inside him. That lying scumbag. Images of his sweet talking brother-in-law flashed before his eyes. The entire family held him in so much respect.

How could he? How DARE he??

And Khushi. He had been this close to destroying her life. The image of Khushi and the lusting Shyam under one roof haunted him. His fingers wrapped itself around the heavy glass paperweight and crushed it till it shattered and blood oozed out of his hand. His eyes looked unfocused staring at nothing in particular. He would have to deal with this carefully. One wrong move and…

He could not bear to think of it.

Shyam sat in his office mulling over what his colleague had said. Some guy was around asking about Shyam. The last time that happened, it was Khushi’s interfering dad. He was taken care of and bed ridden. So, who could this have been? His mind searched for answers. Did Rani Sahiba start suspecting him? He would have to play the lovesick husband again. She was easy to keep happy.

His cell phone rang startling him out of his thoughts. “Haan Rani Sahiba. I am coming home this evening. I can’t wait to see you. I miss you too.”

Anjali shut her phone off. A smile playing on her lips. Her husband would be home today. He loved kheer. She knew just the thing that would make him happy. But of course, that would have to wait till she was back from the temple.

Payal smiled to herself. Akash ji said he had news for her. Would she meet him at the temple?

Khushi’s phone rang. “Shyam ji? Am fine. I am headed to the temple.” “Khushi ji, I will be away for a couple of days. Can you let Buaji know? I have deposited the rent check in her account today.”

“Oh! I was hoping to ask you something today but it can wait.”

“No, no. Tell me. I will do anything for you Khushi ji.”

Khushi felt uneasy. “No Shyamji. I will talk to you after you are back. Bye.”

Shyam leaned back in his chair. He couldn’t let this opportunity slip. It was not often he had the chance to play knight in shining armor to his Khushi ji. Temple did she say?

Arnav got up with the air of a man on a mission. The past hour had been torturous. Images of a girl falling in his arms at Sheesh Mahal haunted him. If only he had not released those videos. If only…


He had to speak to Akash. Better still, he would meet Payal himself.

2 responses to “Chapter 10: Springing the trap

  1. snake going home to pretend to be the perfect husband and arnav remembering khushi so cute

  2. fijiankudi says:

    The meet is at the temple ! Cannot wait to read what and how many fireworks are lit ! next chapter here i come.

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