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Chapter 7: The path is lonely and the woods are deep

on May 10, 2013

Arnav walked out of his home, his strides purposeful and a hurry about his being. Getting into his trusted SUV, his aviator shades covering the torment in his eyes, he took off. Driving aimlessly his brain worked to process all that he had heard. All that had happened in a short span of 24 hours.

He had to slow down literally and figuratively. There was only one place that could be a solace to his troubled heart.

Amidst the wild untended rose bushes his mother had planted, the old banyan tree offering shade, he sat and let his mind take over. The images kept coming. His Di’s wedding, the gunshot, his crying “Maa…”

He remembered his Di talking shyly of Shyam ji whom she had met at the temple. The happiness he felt at seeing his Di finally happy. The silent love of Jijaji had finally seemed to heal the troubled past that Di struggled with. How could he take it away from Di? Was it possible that Akash was wrong?

Payal ji. The calm, silent sister of Khushi. Could she have been wrong? Perhaps this was a different Shyam ji she spoke of.

It was getting dark. The skies were clear. In the garden where Arnav stood away from the bustle of the city, night came early. The stars twinkled. Involuntarily, he looked up. Memories of another night where he stood silent with another girl swam before his eyes.

looking at stars

“Do they really become stars?”

“It is not a question of truth or false. It is one of belief.”

They had stood sharing a moment of peace. Of understanding. The strong pull he felt towards another orphan like him. He needed the protection of his mothers love as he started on this journey to unmask the man who had played with his Di’s feelings. With his Di’s life. Jijaji would pay for it.

Walking out of the garden, Arnav felt a modicum of peace in the midst of the torment in his heart. He whipped out his phone and called Aman.

2 responses to “Chapter 7: The path is lonely and the woods are deep

  1. loved it loved his flash back of khushi and him and he is on the prowl go get him asr

  2. fijiankudi says:

    thank you for making your Arnav intelligent that he is not blaming Khushi for Shaam’s infidelity . I give this one 5/5

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